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"Johnny Sage is an amazing healer. I went for a crystal session, reading, and also included chanting. He is a very generous spirit and he makes you feel at ease. He has such a gentle spirit and it was a serene experience.

I felt calm, more relaxed, and had more clarity after our session. If you want to clear negative energy and have more knowing on whatever questions you have, Johnny Sage is an excellent guide. He creates a safe space for you and your own intuitive intelligence. I highly recommend any of his services."

James B

"I loved my first Kambo frog detox experience with Johnny Sage. His office is comfortable and safe. My body feels more pure, clean, and energized than ever before. Recently myself and a group of friends attended a private retreat with Johnny Sage and were able to receive the frog medicine together. It was such a transformational experience. I look forward to continuing with more sessions.

I have also had a series of reiki, crystal healing, tuning fork, and Tibetan bowl vibration therapy. So much love and gratitude for all the alternative healing services Johnny Sage offers. Thank you, thank you!"

Stephen T

"Johnny Sage is a true healer! I began my healing journey with him about 1.5 years ago. I initially went to him for my first Reiki appointment combined with crystal healing, vibration therapy & tuning fork therapy. He has a great calming energy & is easy to talk to. Every time I leave feeling more "aware" & "present" than I had since the last time. I also love that he responds quickly to texts & has a flexible schedule. I highly recommend him & look forward to going back for my next appointment!"

Kara L

"Johnny has a true gift! He's a genuine person with a passion for the healing arts. I took a Yoga Nidra class by him and he led a wonderful Meditation. I can't wait to do my first Kambo Ceremony with him. He's well trained in multiple modalities of healing and truly knows what he's doing. I recommend following him on Instagram @johnnysagehealing because what he posts is very beautiful and inspiring."

Craig F

"Johnny Sage is a gifted and amazing Healer. His work is intuitive and powerful. After his sessions, I feel more centered & joyful :slightly_smiling_face: He's very attentive and makes sure you're okay. I appreciate that he is flexible and even comes to your home! Highly recommend!"

Alley C

"I had such a great session!! It was so needed!! Johnny is an amazing soul who truly cares and is so knowledgeable in everything he does!!! I highly recommend him!! He's helped me so much!!!! Super grateful!"

Jason S